MICROTEK Medical Imaging
MICROTEK Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging systems

There are still a range of analog radiographs in circulation, despite increasing digitization of imaging devices. In order to ensure a quick and seamless workflow, the radiographs can be digitized and complemented with the necessary DICOM information to get them imported into the respective PACS, RIS or HIS.

MICROTEK provides scanners for various applications, which are different by the type of retraction, resolution, and last but not least by the software contents.

Medical Imaging Products

Models Medi-3200 Medi-5000 Medi-6000 Plus Medi-7000
Model Typ MMS-6400A3 MMS-6400MU2L MSS-600XU2L MSS-600XU2L
Scanner Typ Mammography, flatbed Mammography, flatbed Sheet-feed Sheet-feed
scan Area 305x407mm 305x407mm min.63,5x63,5mm max. 355,6x889mm min.63,5x63,5mm max. 355,6x889mm
resolution 3200x6400dpi 3200x6400dpi 600x1200dpi 600x1200dpi

Medical Imaging Products

Models Medi-1200 Medi-2200 Plus Medi-1000 Bio-5000
Model Typ MMS-600DU2 MMS-9600TFU2L MRS-1200A4H MRS-9600TFU2B
Scanner Typ Dental films, flatbed Dental films, flatbed Documents, flatbed Gel-Image/-Films, flatbed
scan Area 215,9x114,3mm 203x305mm 215,9x297mm min.19,05x19,05mm max.203,2x244mm
resolution 600x1200dpi 4800x4800dpi 1200x2400dpi 4800x9600dpi

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