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Companies need to secure and evaluate ever more data from various sources. Compliance rules on retention and ILM (information lifecycle management) are becoming ever more important in the light of new technologies (big data).


There is a varied range of storage solutions for managing data growth. Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) and storage tiering are key words in the field of stoarge management within one's own IT infrastructure. However, cloud-based solutions and managed security services are being used to "curb the flood of data". Faced with this variety of approaches, many users (rightly) fear for the security, integrity and protection of the data they need to store, manage and remove.

The question of which solutions can fulfil the requirements of your storage system, is one that the INCOM team has been dealing with - for 30 years altogether!

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Exactly 50 years ago, IBM launched the first personal computers with the first 8-inch floppy disc drives. As unwieldy as the discs were, their storage capacity was also small from today's…

Preservation of research data made easy

Research data often have to be stored for a long time and securely, as they serve as evidence for studies, publications or even academic titles. Universities recommend a retention period for…

[Translate to English:] storage-insider.de vom 21.09.2021

Storage distributor Incom now offers the NAS version of Epson's Discproducer II series with Blu-ray recorders. The Discproducer series is mainly used in the medical environment.