Service & Support

As a Value Added Distributor service is very important to us. In addition to our advices in advance, we help you to use your system as long as possible.

In addition to provide the usual manufacturer's warranty, INCOM offers a sophisticated workshop service with trained technicians. If needed we would be happy providing you with an available replacement systems or on-site service in case of a prolonged repair.

Do you want to be on the safe side straight from the beginning?! We can offer you all the services and packages in advance so you can calculate the operating costs of each device for the planned duration from the beginning.

Training service

A good knowledge about products will increase your sales and allow your customers to use theirs systems effectively. Therefore, we train you and your customers – on-site or at our training center in Bonn.

Support and Hotline

During our opening times we offer a free phone service for our customers in which we try to solve your problems by phone. If our team is for once not available for some reasons, please send us an email to - We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Workshop service

Our technicians perform various repairs on delivered hardware either on behalf of our customers or to meet the warranty of our manufacturers. According to a quotation we offer hourly rates or a fixed rate.

Rapid Exchange Service

Based on the low acquisition costs for many Perepherie-Devices an on-site service is inefficient. INCOM provides an optional Rapid Exchange Service (RES) for peripheral devices, in which the broken systems can be replaced fast and easily at the customer site. The procedure for this is kept simple for the customer.

On-site Service

In case of a critical defect of significant components the spare parts often cannot be taken from the immediate vicinity, or they are too large to be sent back and forth. INCOM provides a wide range of on-site services with different reaction times.

Constancy- and acceptance test

As a result of the German X-ray ordinance (DIN V 6868-57), all monitors used for diagnosis must pass a test on-site and in addition to the test, monitors must get checked for consistency every 3 months to make sure that the quality stays constant and ensures accurate test results. INCOM provides this service by trained service personnel.


About INCOM Storage

As a value-added distributor INCOM provides complete systems, components and services for the storage management. Since the foundation 1986 in Bonn, INCOM is a reliable partner for system vendors and provider of the IT business. By cooperations and business start-ups in France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary, INCOM set the course for international business expansion. By the help of our numerous retail partners across Europe we are able to provide a full range of network storage systems, archiving systems and solutions for data publishing.

Company Profile: INCOM Storage GmbH