StorEasy® WORM Appliance Desktop (up to 8TB)

StorEasy® WORM Appliance Desktop (up to 8TB)
StorEasy® WORM Appliance Desktop (up to 8TB)

Highest Reliability and Security for your Data

The StorEasy® WORM Appliance is a „dedicated Archive Station“ for intuitive integration in all situations and environments. The archive data is stored permanently for online access in the disk cache and automatically swapped out to highly durable Blu-ray media. The system is ideally suited for long-term archiving of millions of files and allows long term backup of sensible data in addition.

The StorEasy® WORM Appliance is a device that has an integrated head unit that controls dataprovision, -flow, -treatment, media production and administration.

The StorEasy® WORM Appliance is providing a once-writable WORM (write once read many) file system. This allows a simple integration and access to all applications and environments that can work with write-once file systems. This ensures that data which is once stored in the file system over the network cannot be changed or corrupted.

The archive data is automatically written in the background to the Blu-ray WORM (write once read many) medium. The archiving process can be configured for automatic archiving using a time or volume control setting. After writing the content is protected twice as the data is remaining for direct read access at the internal data buffer (cache). Messages to the administrator, for example that a new medium must be inserted are sent automatically. If an optional second drive is installed media copies for offline archiving can be made in parallel. The internal data buffer is mirrored on a second hard disk (different manufacturers) providing a maximum of data security against data loss. If there should be a disk failure,the system will fix the error using its self-monitoring-functions (High Secure Protect). This function will write not yet transferred archive data on the Blu-ray media and will switch the system into read-only mode. In parallel the administrator would be notified. After replacement of the defective hard disk, the system will synchronize and return to normal mode. In case of a computer failure troubleshooting is easy too. The entire head unit would be exchanged and the two hard drives and the archive medium are put into the new system. The new head unit will check consistency of the archive and restart its normal operation. For administration a graphical web interface makes the system easy to use. This service is available in most European countries and the US.

Starting with capacity of 1000GB the StorEasy® WORM Appliance is the most cost efficient and reliable entry level system in a wide range of INCOM long term storage solutions that can be scaled up to Petabytes of storage capacity. Its ease of use and administration has convinced many users to rely on optical true WORM media for archiving while accessing their data with high performance using the WORM cache storage. In addition the media copy function allows to keep an additional backup media in a safe place.

For all systems various service options are available, such as rapid exchange, remote maintenance, on-site service, etc. up to 10 years.

StorEasy® WORM Appliance Desktop Features:

  • Time or volume based archiving on optical trueWORM media (Blu-ray)
  • NAS Unit BD-XL with embedded controller head unit (Appliance)
  • Supports NFS / CIFS 
  • HDD-WORM file system
  • Read cache for archived data
  • Capacity: 1000GB hard disc cache up
  • Media copy in second drive (optional)
  • High-Secure Protect mechanism (immediate archiving in case of system malfunction)
  • Hot swappable hard discs
  • Supports DVD/BD/BD-XL media
  • Open, modular solution based on worldwide standards (ISO, UDF)
  • Easy integration in existing hardand software environments
  • Intuitive WEB user interface – no user training necessary
  • Open NAS file system for system data backup and recovery
  • Compliant archiving with trueWORM (write once read many) optical media
  • Self-monitoring and -healing
  • Data consistency check by check sum generation and after system rebuild

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