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HIT Storage systeme
HIT Storage systeme

... the seamless Nearline-/Offline- long-term memory

Since the formation,  INCOM focuses on production and marketing of optical storage systems with CD,DVD and Blu-ray (BD) as well as intelligent offline management of optical media. HIT and INCOM operate jointly a global network for marketing and service systems.

HIT HMS Series

 For the first time at CeBIT 2011, the 3-rd generation Blu-ray drives has been presented in optical libraries. The 100/128 GB media has been specified by the Blu-ray Disc Association BDXL in October 2010. 

The previous Blu-ray media of the 2nd generation consisted of two written layers.The BDXL media have 3 or 4 write layers. The triple layer TL is available as rewritable RE and a one-time writable WORM media variant. The 4-layer (quadruple layer) is available as a WORM variant. 

Used in libraries, the system can provide up to 175 TB for the audit-proof archiving of data.

HMS 1035

The HMS 1035 is available with one or two drives and can accommodate 35 media in an internal magazine. The maximum capacity is 4.4 TB and is connectable via LAN and SAS.

HMS 2105

The HMS 2105 is available with two or four drives and has space for up to 105 media in three internal magazines. The maximum capacity is 13.4 TB and is connectable via SAS / LAN or NAS.

The HIT Archival NAS 2105 is designed for high performance long-term preservation of digital data and not only for critical data in DMS-designed areas. Professional cache memory allows an extremely fast data access, despite of lower energy costs and high reliability. The Blu-ray optical disc with 128GB capacity each are near- and offline accessible. By using the BD standard, the application data are readable in all BD drives and in this way it is possible to provide an invincible data access security. Furthermore they are independent of the operating system.

In addition to it the archives also have a mail slot to import / export of individual data.

The optical library HIT 2105 NAS can be used as a desktop-data-storage or in pairs side by side built into a 19 "rack, as for example in the HIT-offline tower.

HMS 3350 & 3560

The great models of the HMS series with 350 and 560 media are also available as a NAS version and provide a storage capacity between 44 and 70 TB for all kind of data.

HMS 5175

The HMS 5175 optical library, which is part of NETZON HMS series, provides the largest storage capacity. With 1750 Blu-ray media in one library, the usable stroage capacity is 87 to 224 TB depending on the media type. HMS 5175 has several improvements compared to the smaller library models: build-in high performance buffer, powerful built-in controller (optional), industry rugged mechanical structure, robot and power supplies, upgraded  Blu-ray drive supports up to 16 drives which can be used simultaneously by concurrent tasks to burn the maximum concurrent bandwidth of 280MB/s, in order to meet the growing big data archiving and backup needs.


The intelligent HIT HMS 8x offline tower bases on the 19 "rack” - technology. He has 12 drawers, each hold up to 8 magazines. All magazines are equipped with an RFID - chip and each hold 35 media. This makes it possible to store in each drawer 280 and in the entire tower up to 3360 optical disks. The HIT HMS 8x offline tower allows efficient storage and management of offline media. Due to the central database, the user always retains full oversight of the stored media and their content. Sensors in each drawer communicate with the database about how and where magazines are stored. By integrated libraries it is easy to provide magazines quickly and easily for reading back the data. Take advantage of our try & buy offer in order to experience how easy long-term preservation can be realized.

HIT-Storage Libraries

Models HMS 1035 HMS 2105 HMS 3350 3560 HMS HMS 5175 HMS 8-OFF
Disc capacity (slots) 35 105 350 560 1750 max. 3360 discs
Disc Magazine # 1 3 10 16 50 max. 96 magazines in 12 drawers
Storage capacity (BDXL) 4.48 GB 13.44 GB 44.8 GB 72 GB 175 TB max. 430 TB
Drives (max.) 2 4 6 8 16 -
NAS unit optional optional optional optional optional -

About INCOM Storage

As a value-added distributor INCOM provides complete systems, components and services for the storage management. Since the foundation 1986 in Bonn, INCOM is a reliable partner for system vendors and provider of the IT business. By cooperations and business start-ups in France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary, INCOM set the course for international business expansion. By the help of our numerous retail partners across Europe we are able to provide a full range of network storage systems, archiving systems and solutions for data publishing.

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