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Headquarter INCOM Storage GmbH
Headquarter INCOM Storage GmbH

The INCOM Storage GmbH is a leading European distributor of products and solutions in the field of storage- and duplication systems. We dedicate ourselves particularly to the requirements of data protection and more efficient long-term data retention. The professional use of optical storage systems in the long-term archiving and distribution of data has been significantly influenced and developed by INCOM.

Since 1986 INCOM is a reliable partner for system vendors and providers of professional IT infrastructure. Systems and products for the construction of storage network solutions are the focus of our highly motivated team of employees.

Beside companies from the big industry also authorities and medium-sized companies are part of our customers.

INCOM has brought in significant new technologies and products in its 25 years of history. These include the launches of the first CD recorder from Philips, the first DVD recorder from Pioneer and the first Blu-ray disc recorder from Panasonic. The topic “Green IT” also plays a crucial role for us. On behalf of INCOM, the German association for technical Inspection (TÜV) developed and certificated energy efficient optical storage systems for the first time worldwide.  As a result of that, this certification for certified archiving systems is the foundation for a clear distinction between “Hype” and “green IT”.

As a long time partner of leading manufacturers for storage and duplication systems, INCOM is the only one in the IT segment who provides a continuous professional product line for all applications with high memory requirements, especially in the long-term archiving and data management.

By cooperation’s and business start-ups in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the U.S., we can offer our products and solutions in all important economic regions and provide reliable services.

Competence, reliability and cooperation are the pillar of our economic activities and thoughts.

As a partner of INCOM our customers receive product information and a qualified advice for the use of various storage technologies.

As an independent supplier, we guarantee that our products are reliable and able to provide the full range of high-performance and high-volume storage systems.

INCOM is a certified partner of manufacturers including ACTI, AMI, ATTO, DISC, EPSON, FAST, JVC, LG, N-Tec, Panasonic, Perennity, PLASMON, Point, Rimage, SONY DADC, TEAC, WIDE...

As well at the company as the department level, we have the perfect storage solution: CD/DVD/UDO/BD-storage- and production systems, RAID, tape, NAS, SAN, iSCSI!

INCOM store. more. secure.


About INCOM Storage

As a value-added distributor INCOM provides complete systems, components and services for the storage management. Since the foundation 1986 in Bonn, INCOM is a reliable partner for system vendors and provider of the IT business. By cooperations and business start-ups in France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary, INCOM set the course for international business expansion. By the help of our numerous retail partners across Europe we are able to provide a full range of network storage systems, archiving systems and solutions for data publishing.

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