About INCOM Storage GmbH

The Company

INCOM Storage GmbH is a leading European distributor of products and solutions concerning storage and duplication systems. We are particularly concerned with the requirements of data security, and with the efficient and long-term storage of data. The professional use of optical storage in long-term archiving and data distribution has been significantly influenced and developed by INCOM.

Since 1986, INCOM has proved to be a reliable partner for system integrators and suppliers of professional IT infrastructures. Systems and products for the construction of storage networks and solutions are the central theme of our highly motivated team of staff.

Our customers include companies from big industry as well as authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Over the course of its 25-year history, INCOM has introduced significant new technologies and products. These include, for example, the launch of the first CD recorder by Philips, the first DVD recorder by Pioneer and the first Blu-ray disc recorder by Panasonic. The concept of "green IT" also plays a crucial role for us. At INCOM's behest, TÜV developed the world's first certificate for energy-efficient optical storage systems. This "Certificate of Approved Archiving" is the foundation for the clear separation between what is hype and what is truly green IT.

As a long-standing partner of leading manufacturers of storage and duplication systems, INCOM is the only provider in this IT segment with a comprehensive and professional product range for all application areas with high memory requirements, particularly with regard to long-term archiving and data storage.

Through joint ventures and businesses established in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the US, we can offer our products and solutions in all major economic regions, along with reliable support.

Expertise, reliability and partnership-based behaviour form the fundamental pillars of our economic activities and thinking. With INCOM as a partner, our customers receive both information from manufacturer channels and skilled advice on how to use the various storage technologies.

As an independent provider, we guarantee that our products are reliable and that they cover the entire range – from high-performance to high-volume storage systems. INCOM is, among other things, a certified partner of the manufacturers ACTI, AMI, ATTO, Dahua, EPSON, JVC, N-Tec, Panasonic, Perennity, Point, Rimage, SONY and many others.

Whether it's at company or departmental level, we have the right storage solution for you: CD/DVD/UDO/BD storage and production systems, RAID, TAPE, NAS, SAN, iSCSI!

INCOM store.more.secure.


INCOM milestones since 1986

  • 2017
    Distribution agreement with Dahua, the world's second-largest camera manufacturer, with an output of 100,000 cameras per day
  • 2016
    European première of the Rimage catalyst on the INCOM Cebit trade fair stand
  • 2015
    Cartridge concept with 12 Blu-rays in one cartridge, patented by HIT, with 1.2 TB of raw storage capacity
  • 2014
    Facebook constructs a Blu-ray archive using HIT jukeboxes
  • 2013
    Manufacturers of optical storage set up the Optical Archiving Group (OPARG) with relevant sales partners and system houses - 
  • 2012
    Distribution agreement with Microtek for medical scanners
  • 2010
    Partner agreement with ACTi regarding the distribution of IP cameras
  • 2009
    Introduction of tailor-made hybrid storage systems, based on two different storage technologies
  • 2008
    First TÜV [[German Technical Inspection Association] certification of energy-efficient optical storage systems in the world
  • 2007
    Second generation Blu-ray™ (50GB)
  • 2006
    Opus S.A. renamed INCOM France
  • 2005
    Printable media with special coating for photo-quality printing
  • 2004
    Launch of the first Blu-ray™ (UDO/PDD jukebox system) in Germany. Inclusion of iSCSI storage in the solutions portfolio.
  • 2003
    Conception of INCOM Advanced Storage Network, with integration of solutions for fixed content, storage virtualisation or disaster recovery.
  • 2002
    Establishment of INCOM Storage S.L. in Spain
  • 2002
    High-volume storage systems (RAID/DVD/MO) in SAN
  • 2000
    Positioning as a value-added distributor for storage solutions
  • 1999
    Development and launch of the first DVD-RAM-based system for securing client data in networks (StorEasy). Shareholding in OPUS Technologies SA in France
  • 1998
    Distribution of CD-duplication and -production systems for small series with automatic CD-labelling
  • 1996
    Development and production of the INCOM CD network tower
  • 1993 / 1994
    Construction of the largest digital patent archive at BASF AG with 10 CD jukeboxes, for approximately 1 million patent documents. Construction of the electronic patent archive and retrieval system PARS at what is now Daimler Chrysler AG, with new CD jukebox record (2 million patent documents)
  • 1991
    Presentation and worldwide distribution of the first SCSI jukebox, made by NSM AG (now DISC GmbH)
  • 1990
    World première of a CD-ROM jukebox with the INCOM jukebox software, the Jukebox Commander, first example of data storage and archiving in a CD-based storage system
  • 1989
    Introduction of the first CD-ROM network solution 
  • 1986
    Full-text retrieval systems for CD-ROM production