RMA request

Please read the following terms and conditions before sending the request for RMA returns. By submitting the RMA request you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions.



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Conditions for the RMA

  • Please clearly indicate on the packaging the RMA number assigned to you
  • Please use the original packaging for returning the systems. You should no longer have this, we can send you replacement packaging free of charge. Damage due to insufficient packaging will significantly delay the processing and result in additional costs for you.
  • We would ask you to insure the return of the goods with the selected carrier, up to the value of the goods. INCOM assumes no liability for damages caused by and during the return transport from your premises to INCOM in the framework of the RMA.
  • If devices are being returned, any consumables must be first removed. This applies in particular to liquid consumables. In the case of the return of inkjet printers, the ink cartridges are to be removed from the device before dispatch. Damage caused by spilled ink cartridges is not covered by the warranty. The rectification of this damage significantly delays the processing and results in additional costs for you.
  • Please send the goods to be returned to INCOM within 10 working days. Otherwise you forfeit the assigned RMA number. Further processing under this RMA number will then no longer be possible. A new RMA number must then be assigned. 
  • In order to speed up the process, we would ask you to enclose a copy of the INCOM invoice and a detailed description of the fault(s). If the device has not been purchased from INCOM, we ask that you send in the corresponding proof of purchase. For devices not purchased from INCOM, we charge a third-party processing fee of at least €60. We ask for your understanding in this respect: as a general rule, we have to bear the cost of transport to the manufacturer.


Note for customers from non-EC states:

The customs documents for return shipments made due to repairs and replacement services must indicate that the goods are not being imported or exported, but that it is in fact a goods transit. This note is absolutely necessary in order to avoid import duties. Shipments that are incorrectly declared by the sender, will be returned unopened by INCOM.

If you have any questions, please contact the INCOM support team at support@incom.de who will gladly with offer advice and practical help.