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Fully automatic and manual copying systems for CD/DVD, Blu-ray, USB, as well as the various SD formats and hard drives.

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CD/DVD and Blu-ray production and copying systems

Optical data carriers remain the cheapest and safest way to distribute or retain data offline. Due to the high level of compatibility, durability and unique assignment through printing, the duplication systems required for manufacture in many industries is still very popular.


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INCOM's range includes the two market leaders, Epson and Rimage, and can serve almost all wishes and requirements – from small start-up solutions such as, for example, the Epson Discproducers PP-50, PP-100 or the Rimage professional systems, through to industry solutions such as the Rimage Catalyst or the large Rimage Producer systems for 24/7 use. With its special media kits INCOM also supplies all sectors with specially optimised consumables. We're always happy to offer you our advice in this respect.

Through its own service contracts, INCOM offers solutions, which guarantee a high level of availability, especially for company-critical applications, such as in radiology or in hospitals generally.



Flash and HDD copy systems

Optical data carriers can be processed with outstanding results in fully automated production systems, due to their standardized form. However, memory cards, such as USB, SD or even hard drives need to be tested, formatted and described in a wide variety of situations – and in great quantities in various sectors and areas.

The manual copying systems can duplicate almost all formats, though they differ greatly in their functionality. While these cheap and simple systems only perform copying, there are hardly any upwards limits in terms of size and functionality, and can be as large as industrial test equipment, which is also what media producers themselves use for quality control. You can automatically create partitions or, for example, implement write or copy protection.


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