ATTO connects Thunderbolt to storage

After Apple, more and more manufacturers are now relying on Intel's Thunderbolt interface to provide users with a flexible, up to 10Gb/s fast connection between computers, monitors, hard drives or peripherals such as cameras and much more. With the new Desklink line, ATTO offers two new products that combine the new interface technology with the existing infrastructure.

ATTO ThunderLink Adapter
ATTO ThunderLink Adapter

With ATTO's ThunderLink adapters, computers with existing SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel or Ethernet devices can be connected directly via ThunderLink to Thunderbolt and used without performance loss.

Due to the high data transfer rate, the systems are particularly suitable for connecting laptops or workstations to high-performance storage systems. ATTO sees the application area mainly in professional video and audio editing, but also in all areas of demanding database applications.

The ThunderLink systems are available in four different versions 

  • ATTO ThunderLink FC 1082 (Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel),
  • ATTO ThunderLink SH 1068 (Thunderbolt to SAS/SATA),
  • ATTO ThunderLink NT 1102 NT (Thunderbolt to 10 Gb Ethernet 10GBASE-T),
  • ATTO ThunderLink NS 1101 (Thunderbolt to 10Gb Ethernet SFP+).

With the ATTO ThunderStream, JBODs can be connected and controlled directly via Thunderbolt. In addition to the pure connectivity, ThunderStream offers the possibility to combine any SAS hard disks or JBODs as a RAID group. With the DriveAssure and Advance Data Streaming (ADS) technologies implemented in all ATTO controllers, ATTO also extends the lifetime of the used hard disks and offers a unique latency management. In the event of a hard disk failure, productivity is fully maintained and, in addition, the rebuild of the storage system is 50% faster than with competitive products.