Backup with Spectra Stack for less than 1 cent per GB

The new Spectra Stack Library System starts with a basic module with one LTO drive and 10 tape slots and can be expanded modularly, up to 7 units in a 19" rack, with a maximum capacity of 17 petabytes.

Spectra Logic Stack - Backup Tape Library

Each Spectra Stack module can vary between 6 LTO drives and 80 slots for tapes, depending on whether storage capacity or performance is a priority. The maximum capacity of a 19" rack is 17 petabytes or up to 42 drives. 

Expansion is very easy, above or below the head unit, by removing the top and bottom of the units and a connector on the back of the systems. The units now recognize each other and configure themselves almost automatically.

All modules are also modular in themselves, so that retrofitting the modules to more drives or more slots is possible without any problems. The modular design is also groundbreaking in terms of service, because almost all components, such as drives, controllers or even the robotics, can be exchanged with a few simple steps within a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about the new stack libraries or other Spectra Logic products, please contact our sales team.