Dahua thermal imaging camera in use against corona

With the thermal imaging camera from Dahua, INCOM offers a high-precision thermal body temperature measurement solution that helps to control COVID-19 propagation. Currently it is successfully helping to prevent and control corona virus in many parts of the world, including airports, train stations, hospitals and schools.

Dahua thermal imaging camera in use against corona


Dahua's thermal solution measures the body temperature of visitors and employees and constantly compares it with a control point. This allows the system to automatically check a flow of thousands of people every day and gives an alarm if the temperature deviates from the specified values.

Compared to the traditional way of measuring body temperature - a forehead thermometer - Dahua's thermal camera solution significantly increases speed and accuracy, while helping to reduce cross-infections through non-contact measurement. With Dahua's thermal solution, body temperatures of 3 people per second can be measured. It also offers a high accuracy of ±0.3 ℃. This allows the identification of potential disease vectors.

High end solution for accurate body temperature measurement:

  • Accurate temperature measurement - due to the reference value formation with the help of a black body the temperature measurement is accurate to ±0.3℃!
  • Alarm triggering at elevated body temperature
  • Detects human faces, so the temperature measurement is only measured on human faces and no alarms are triggered by cigarettes, hot drinks, lighters etc.
  • can check large numbers of people fully automatically

According to the Robert Koch Institute, an elevated temperature (fever) is the most common symptom of COVID-19 and thus currently the most reliable option for a quick initial check (as of 13.03.20).

Who would like to experience more over the Dahua camera solutions, is cordially invited to one of the Webinar dates or can step directly with a INCOM colleague to a personal consultation into contact.