Epson PP-100 supports law firm

The Epson PP-100N DiscProducer as an efficient and cost-effective solution for the international law firm Stephenson Harwood. Stephenson Harwood is an international law firm with a comprehensive range of services and has more than 100 partners and 650 employees worldwide. The firm works for many listed and private companies, institutions and successful employers. The firm has seven offices: In Guangzhou, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Piraeus, Shanghai and Singapore

Epson Discproducer PP-100N
Epson Discproducer PP-100N

The Problem
As a law firm, Stephenson Harwood has to reproduce a large number of CDs and DVDs that can be used to electronically distribute documents related to the respective matters. These discs are then copied and labelled according to the content of the CD/DVD and the confidentiality of the documents. The correct labeling of the discs is of utmost importance. On the one hand, the contents should be easily visible, on the other hand, confidential contents must be marked accordingly.

Stephenson Harwood previously used a device that was very expensive and often unreliable both in terms of purchase and operation. The law firm produces large quantities of DVDs and CDs on a daily basis and was therefore looking for a solution that would allow it to produce larger quantities more quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. A simple labeling was also important.

The solution
After reviewing these requirements, Epson recommended the PP-100N DiscProducer, which allows Stephenson Harwood to create large volumes of discs to efficiently manage his documents. Three PP-100N units were subsequently purchased for use in the London offices.

One of the PP-100N DiscProducers is used by the e-Bible team. This is where all the documents that belong to one thing are brought together and then distributed electronically. There, the discs are copied and distributed to the client and their lawyers on a particular matter so that all related materials are available for reference.

The other two DiscProducers are used at the Service Help Desk. This is where requests for documents from lawyers and external clients are regularly received. These documents must always be sent immediately. With the Disc Producer, they are now quickly and efficiently copied onto a disc, labelled exactly and reproduced in the required number of duplicates.

Improved reliability and ease of use
Stephenson Harwood wanted a reliable and user-friendly product - the PP-100N Disc Producer is extremely robust and durable. It also offers reassuring security through a one-year on-site warranty. This means that if any problems arise during this period, the law firm will receive technical support at its offices. The Disc Producer is also very easy to use. It has simple software that allows employees to quickly set up the label design. All that remains is to select the number of discs required - the rest is done automatically.

A cost-effective solution
Previously, Stephenson Harwood used a disk replication device that was expensive to operate. Considering the large number of disks the company copies every day, the PP-100N is a much more cost-effective solution. The machine can produce up to 1000 discs with just one set of ink cartridges. The separate single ink cartridges mean that only the used cartridge needs to be replaced, further reducing costs.

Better security features
For a law firm, security is of paramount importance, as highly confidential cases and documents determine the daily work. The DiscProducer in the Security version has a door lock that is locked and password protected when discs are created. This means that only authorized persons can access the discs and reduces the risk of confidential data falling into the wrong hands.

Better efficiency
The PP-100N can duplicate up to 100 discs in one pass and manages up to 5 jobs simultaneously. No manual operation or supervision is required and there is no compromise on quality. Water-resistant inks make the DVDs more durable. This allows employees to concentrate fully on their work and eliminates the need to change discs. What's more, the PP-100N is compact and doesn't take up much space in the office - it simply fits on a shelf.

Chris Petrie, Director of IT at Stephenson Harwood "We are simply delighted with the Epson PP-100N. Until now, duplicating discs has always been a nightmare, but now we don't even have to think about it. The product was also very cost-effective compared to our previous device".