Important information on the Corona crisis

INCOM also fully supports the efforts of the German government and its advisors to contain the corona pandemic and is switching to minimal staffing, which may result in slightly delayed response times in some cases.

Important information on the Corona crisis

Since INCOM serves many system-relevant customers in medicine, trade and administration with consumables, systems and service contracts, the availability of goods as well as the ability to deliver is in the first place. However, as delivery delays may well occur in the current difficult situation, appropriate stockpiling should be taken into account, as supply chains can currently only be influenced to a limited extent.

The INCOM support is of course guaranteed during business hours and within the scope of the concluded service contracts.

In order to prioritize the incoming requests and to forward them accordingly to the respective colleagues, the contact should be made via the corresponding forms on the INCOM website.

Stay healthy,
Your INCOM Team