INCOM distributes Microtek Medical Scanner

INCOM distributes Microtek's medical scanners for dentistry, mammography and general radiology.

Microtek Medical Scanner
Microtek Medical Scanner for dentistry, mammography and general radiology

INCOM Storage completes its offer with X-ray film scanners for different fields of application. "After we already offer our customers monitors for display and burning robots for the output of digital images, we now also close the gap of digitalization", explains Sven Kopriwa, Key Account Manager Medical at the Bonn VAD. To this end, the company has added six scanners from the world's leading supplier Microtek to its range and sells the solutions exclusively in Germany. "Now we can serve the numerous inquiries of our customers and show them a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to other solutions", says Kopriwa.

Microtek's certified medical X-ray image scanners are characterized by high scan quality, high speed, easy handling and an attractive price. The devices can be integrated into the workflow of the department. During the scanning process all data from the DICOM header of the X-ray image are automatically integrated into the digital image. Transfer to the clinic's PACS is done via the intranet or Internet by worklist as a DICOM file.

INCOM now has a total of six medical scanners from Microtek. The Medi-1200 and Medi-2200 Plus are flatbed scanners optimized for the digitization of dental images. The Medi-1200 can process different sizes of films with a resolution of 600 dpi and impresses by its small and compact design. The Medi-2200 Plus, like most Microtek scanners, works with LED light, which guarantees immediate use of the systems after switching on and highest brightness. It offers individual templates for intraoral, cephalometric and panoramic images.

The Medi-3200 and Medi-5000 are flatbed scanners for mammography. The former processes different film sizes up to 12x16 inch. The Medi-5000 delivers digital images of the highest quality at a resolution of 3200 dpi with 4.2 Dmax. It supports DICOM 3.0 and telemedical applications.

With the Medi-6000 Plus and the Medi-7000 INCOM also offers two X-ray image scanners with sheet feed. Both devices are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA and process different film sizes up to 14x35 inch. With a resolution of 600 dpi and 16-bit grayscales, they deliver a convincing image quality. The Medi-7000 scans a 14x17 inch chest image with 300 dpi in only seven seconds.

"With Microtek we have found a strong partner with over 30 years of experience in scanner production, who can point to the highest quality and stability requirements", explains Key Account Manager Sven Kopriwa.