INCOM offers service for Plasmon and ASTI UDO and MO systems

Even years after Plasmon was taken over by ASTI (Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc.), INCOM still offers service for existing systems.

ASTI / Plasmon Archive systems
ASTI / Plasmon Archive systems

MO and UDO jukeboxes and drives are still in active use, which speaks not least for the longevity of these storage systems. As in our current HIT Storage Libraries, legacy data is safely stored in magazines or cartridges and is only transported to a drive when needed.

This form of long-term archiving is particularly suitable for archive data that is only rarely needed, but should still be accessible, since the jukeboxes consume only a fraction of the power of a hard disk storage system and, unlike these, do not generate any heat that would have to be cooled down in the data center.

Based on the Sony ODA (Optical Disc Archive) technology, ASTI's roadmap also points to the future, so that the technology of optical archiving is also being driven forward by technology leaders such as Sony and Panasonic.

INCOM still has a large Plasmon and ASTI spare parts warehouse and can support customers in service and repair of the old systems as well as in migration to new archiving systems.