INCOM since 20 years on the DMS Expo in Stuttgart

The first DMS Expo took place in 1995 in Stuttgart. With some interruptions INCOM is represented at the leading fair of the ECM industry from the beginning. With meanwhile almost 30 years of company history the Bonn-based company can be called a primary rock in the IT industry.

INCOM since 20 years on the DMS Expo in Stuttgart
INCOM since 20 years on the DMS Expo in Stuttgart

Especially for the company focus "Archiving", this consistency is not least due to the technological specialization on optical data carriers. No other storage medium offers more compatibility and reliability. In addition to most DMS providers, companies such as Facebook, the China Constuction Bank and the Prado Museum in Madrid also rely on optical media for archiving.

With a current capacity of 100GB and a shelf life of 50 years, Blu-ray is the ideal archiving medium, which makes a permanent migration, as is the case with tape, unnecessary. Once written, the data is stored unchanged on the medium and does not consume any energy without access, in contrast to hard disk archives. Stored in jukeboxes, the data can still be accessed within seconds and even in the case of a drive or robotic failure, the data remains securely on the data carriers.

At this year's DMS INCOM Storage presents two new systems, which combine the speed of hard disk archives and the security of a purely optical archive system. The StorEasy® WORM Appliance offers with mirrored hard disks and also mirrored Blu-ray burners a hybrid system with a corresponding quadruple security. Between the entry-level system with a terabyte capacity up to 24 TB, the solution is suitable for all areas of application.

An offline archive is created with the StorEasy® WORM Generator. This solution is used for archives where data does not have to be accessed directly. Often data only has to be stored safely, such as process data in production according to the product liability law or completed projects at engineers or architects. This data is retrieved by the system and automatically written to mirrored Blu-rays, can be taken from the system and then stored in a more secure safe or in various fire protection zones.

The StorEasy® WORM Generator can also be used to mirror an existing archive. With the connectors to the most common hard disk archive systems, the StorEasy® WORM Generator can automatically write the data to optical data. This also allows a very inexpensive data migration when changing the archive system.

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