N-TEC introduces new ICEBOX Raid generation

A new ICEBOX generation with highly interesting features especially for highly available SAN environments with more security and availability

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With the ICEBOX-R series, N-TEC introduces a new and flexible storage solution for medium and large IT environments, thus expanding the existing ICEBOX product portfolio. In addition to SATA-II hard disks, which are predestined for "nearline storage", users can also use high-performance 6 GBit/s SAS or even SSD hard disks, e.g. for I/O intensive applications such as database applications. If desired, the ICEBOX-R series can be equipped with only one RAID controller in the beginning. If higher performance and availability are required, a second controller can be added later. In this way N-TEC offers its customers the highest possible investment protection.

N-TEC's new series is available with the following host connections:

  • ICEBOX-Ri13/6R with up to 6 x 1GbE iSCSI ports per controller
  • ICEBOX-RiX3/6R with 2 x 10GbE + 2 x 1GbE iSCSI ports per controller
  • ICEBOX-RS63R with up to 2 x SAS connectors per controller
  • ICEBOX-RF43R with up to 2 x Fibre Channel 4 GBit ports per controller
  • ICEBOX-RF86R with up to 4 x Fibre Channel 8 GBit+2 x iSCSI ports per controller
  • ICEBOX-RJ33R as JBOD expansion box with up to 2 x SAS connections per controller


The Munich-based company is focusing on new product developments, as the demand for SAN solutions has increased, especially in the field of server virtualization and consolidation. In order to meet as many requests as possible, N-TEC offers its new series with all common host interfaces. The design of the new solution is completely in 6 GBit and "Green-IT" technology.

The customer can choose between the cheaper 3 GBit as well as high performance 6 GBit controller technology. In order to ensure high reliability, the new ICEBOX family supports RAID-6 and 60 in addition to the common RAID levels (0, 1.0+1, 3, 5, 30, 50). The RAID controllers are equipped with a 2048 MByte ECC buffer and are based on Intel IOP34x technology for the 3 GBIT controllers.

The 6 GBit controllers are based on the brand new high performance C3500 processor RISC processor. This cache can be expanded up to 4076 MByte. The ICEBOXes offer highest security by supporting S.M.A.R.T. and "Snapshot-on-the-box". Snapshots can be created independently of the connected host and operating system. Furthermore, it also offers volume replication. When using two or more ICEBOX-R systems, the volumes can be replicated on request.

The replication of the volumes is time-controlled at block level via dedicated iSCSI replication links. For Q1/2012 it is planned to equip the systems with thin provisioning. Systems that are currently being purchased can be licensed later. At present, the system offers a gross storage capacity of up to 48 TByte (16x 3.0 TB HDDs). The hard disks are hotswap-capable and can be expanded or exchanged dynamically and online without interrupting operation. SATA, SSD as well as SAS HDDs can also be operated mixed. In order to ensure smooth operation, the operating temperature can be monitored in addition to the hotswap-capable hard disks, fans and power supply units and appropriate messages can be generated in the event of an error. A further measure against a possible disk failure is the vertical arrangement of the HDDs. This protects them from vibrations and mutual rocking.

Especially for the CCTV market, the product has an analog relay. This enables monitoring via and direct connection to a security management system. Configuration and administration is done via web browser using the intuitive web interface. Error messages can be forwarded via SMTP, SMS, SNMP and Netsend (Winpopup). The system is monitored independently of the host and operating system, which in turn allows operation in heterogeneous networks, as with all ICEBOX models.


  • Controller with Intel RISC CPU and up to 4 GByte cache
  • Various host connections to suit the customer environment
  • up to 16 x Hot-Swap-SAS or -SATA-II or also SSD hard disks in 2 ½" and 3 ½" technology
  • wireless backplane design
  • operating system independent
  • RAID levels 0, 1.0+1, 3, 5.6, 30, 50 and 60.
  • user-friendly management GUI
  • in addition to SNMP and SMTP also Net-End support
  • analog relay interface
  • "Made in Germany", manufactured in Germany
  • OEM design possible on request