PoINT Jukebox and Storage Manager

Storage management solutions like PoINT Storage Manager help to use storage systems efficiently and to keep business critical data legally compliant and fail-safe. Based on rules, information is moved between the different storage systems without users or applications noticing or changing anything for them.

PoINT Storage Manager
PoINT Storage Manager

With PoINT Storage Manager INCOM offers an optimal software solution for increasing demands on speed, availability, capacity and cost pressure. The three-tier tiered storage architecture of the storage management software not only considers the data life cycle but also uses the optimal storage technology for the respective cycle section.

The value of files and information has increased steadily over the last few years. One reason for this is that the demands on the reliability of storage are increasing. At the same time, the value of data changes over time, and with it the demands on the underlying hardware. As a rule, files can be moved from primary storage to the next storage layer after 30 days and archived after a further 60 days.

The software also takes into account the fact that up to 80% of unstructured data is inactive, so that for long-term archiving these files can be moved from primary storage to a lower storage layer (secondary storage, such as optical libraries).

File Archiving and File Tiering 

By means of individually created rules (policies), files can be efficiently managed within PoINT Storage Manager in the context of file archiving and file tiering. Furthermore, storage capacities are used with highest efficiency and both operational and legal compliance are thus implemented and maintained. The optimization of storage resources and the flexible integration of manufacturer independent storage technologies helps to avoid cost-intensive storage expansions of the high-performance primary storage.


PoINT Storage Manager - flexible and efficient

PoINT Storage Manager is particularly flexible regarding the supported target storage devices. All available technologies (e.g. cloud and object storage, optical libraries, tape, etc.) can be used without additional software. The use of the replication function creates additional reliability (backup) by using different technologies and locations.

By means of PoINT Storage Manager and the combination of different storage systems and individual policies in a tiered storage architecture, acquisition and operating costs for administration, backup, etc. can be reduced massively.

PoINT is by far one of the older suppliers of INCOM. Many of the PoINT Jukebox Manager installations with NSM (Later DISC) and JVC jukeboxes are still in operation and under maintenance today.