Rimage presents the 8300N, the new Producer V family

Rimage adds the new Rimage Encore™ printer to its flagship 4-recorder Rimage Producer V 8300N and presents the completely redesigned Rimage generation with many improvements.

New Rimage Producer V Generation
New Rimage Producer V Generation

With the Producer™ systems, Rimage has defined a standard, because hardly any other competitive system meets the 24/7 requirements of industry and other sensitive areas more than the flagships of the American manufacturer from Minneapolis. Many well-known customers still have entire batteries of the professional systems and produce millions of discs.

But even here the requirements change and every now and then a redesign is necessary to meet the demands of new environments and customer segments. With the current redesign, for example, the ventilation system already modified in the Rimage Catalyst is transferred to the new Producer V system. Here the air is sucked through filters and an overpressure is created in the unit, so less dust can enter the unit, making the systems suitable for industrial environments (e.g. production lines). The susceptibility to repairs is reduced even further and the service life of all components is extended.

The Rimage Encore™ printer also stands out from the Everest 600 with several improvements, such as the removable ribbon carriage, which makes loading the ribbons much easier. The first systems will be available in the next few weeks.

With the announcement of the new Producer V series, the Producer IV generation, with 6200N, 7200N, 7200NMDD, 8200N, as well as EDS systems and Copy Stations End of Production, is now available.