Rimage secures the evidence chain with a new series of digital preservation solutions

Rimage, the world's leading provider of workflow-integrated CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc™ production solutions, introduces a novel series of systems for efficient and fully automated backup, archiving and distribution of digital evidence called "Evidence Disc Solutions".

Rimage Evidence Solutions
Rimage Evidence Solutions - Rimage secures the evidence chain with a new series of digital preservation solutions

The volume of secured and stored evidence also follows Moore's Law and doubles on average every 18 to 24 months. In 2010, the duration of a civil lawsuit before a higher regional court in Germany averaged 24.6 months, according to figures from the Federal Statistical Office. This means that at the end of this one civil case, twice as much evidence is secured, archived and distributed in the following trial.

This rapid growth makes it increasingly difficult for law enforcement agencies to keep the duration of proceedings under control and to correctly manage, archive and distribute all evidence data to the competent authorities without endangering the chain of evidence.

Together with international law enforcement agencies, Rimage has developed Evidence Disc Solutions (EDS), a range of evidence management solutions that revolutionize the way electronic evidence is handled. These solutions consist of high-quality industrial robotics, CD/DVD/BD recorders, an integrated high-resolution digital camera, an innovative printing technology with a user-friendly, self-explanatory touch screen interface.

Rimage Evidence Disc Solutions enable the automated export of digital evidence from a variety of media to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc for forensic analysis, video surveillance or video recording of interrogation rooms.

"With our Evidence Disc Solutions we help the judiciary to make proceedings safer and faster," explains Jürgen Sattelmayer, Rimage Business Development Manager EMEA.

Rimage Evidence Disc Solutions enable and facilitate the efficient logistics of digital evidence data in applications such as forensic analysis of CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs™, video surveillance or video recording of interrogation rooms.

Rimage Evidence Disc Solutions erlauben es, Daten von verschiedensten Datenträgern automatisiert zu exportieren, zu sichten und auf standardisierte CDs, DVDs oder Blu-ray Discs™ zu brennen, auf denen sie dauerhaft eingelagert und sicher weitergereicht werden können. Diese Automatisierung erspart viel manuelle Arbeit und macht Zeit für andere Aufgaben frei.

Evidence Disc Solutions kombinieren Rimage Producer-und Professional-Disc-Publishing-Plattformen mit der Rimage Law Enforcement Software Suite, ein Set spezieller von Strafverfolgungsbehörden benötigter Software:


  • Surveillance Software Suite für den Export und die Archivierung von Videoüberwachungsdaten,
  • Evidence Offload Software für den automatisierten Export digitaler Beweismittel von verschiedensten Datenträgern
  • Forensic Software zum automatisierten Einlesen und Fotografieren der Discs sowie Erstellen von Berichten zu elektronischen Beweisdaten


Die Rimage Evidence Disc Solutions Produktlinie ist ab sofort bestellbar.

Weitere Informationen zu vollautomatischen Publishing- und Archivierungs-Lösungen auf www.rimage.de.