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chefbü - 18.09.2019

The performance of surveillance cameras grows with each model generation and where some mug shots from older systems still look like images from the earliest film history, modern camera… vom 30.08.19

With the 3-2-1 rule, the storage distributor INCOM refers to a classic of data protection procedures. This approach still provides resilient storage concepts today. [...] vom 24.07.2019

At the center of the term "data backup" is the adjective "secure". And this is exactly what data should be - especially when it is stored. This inevitably raises the question: How long do… - 05.07.2019

No storage system offers absolutely reliable security - and it is only by combining different storage technologies that technology-related weaknesses of individual solutions can be largely…

They still exist, but production will be discontinued at the end of the year: JVC optical media

The value-added distributor for storage and duplication systems from Taiyo Yuden and JVC is Incom Storage. In this context, the Bonn-based company emphasizes that all orders will be…