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Storage distributor Incom now offers the NAS version of Epson's Discproducer II series with Blu-ray recorders. The Discproducer series is mainly used in the medical environment.

Discproducer PP-100N II now also with Blu-ray recorder

With the PP-100N II, Epson now also equips the Network Attached (NAS) version of the Discproducer series with Blu-ray recorders. With the new Blu-ray recorders, BD-R media with 20 times the…

Energy consumption for data storage

The ecological footprint is the dominant topic of our time. Consumption and mobility in particular are the focus of discussions, but information technology also plays a major role here, as…

What characterises an audit-proof archive?

Audit-proof archiving is a term that every manufacturer of storage and archiving systems likes to claim as their own. But what exactly makes an archive audit-proof?

World Backup Day on 31 March

Most people only realise how important backups are once they have lost important data due to a technical defect, a virus has encrypted files or a careless employee has accidentally deleted…