Crypto-Trojan, Meltdown and Spectre: Data on Blu-ray secure

Hard disk-based archive systems can be attacked by crypto Trojans and other malware just like any other non-native WORM, whereas data on optical media is 100% safe from encryption and modification.

Optimally protected against data changes during archiving on optical media
Optimally protected against data changes during archiving on optical media

Especially horror scenarios like a virus attack by the crypto Trojan Locky show the weaknesses of hard disk-based archiving systems. Even a current virus scanner offers only limited protection, as the Trojans are often modified very quickly and can therefore sneak into the company undetected. The only solution to protect the archive data is a physically separate backup, which can be used to restore the data in an emergency, because the encryption of the Trojans cannot be cracked.

The recently discovered security gaps around Meltdown and Spectre also leave the data archived on Blu-ray cold. Although the control software can theoretically be manipulated, the data archive itself cannot. 

The advantage of archiving on optical data carriers is obvious here: once written, the data cannot be changed, so no software even conceivable has a chance of encrypting the files. A permanent backup is also not necessary. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can keep a copy of the data on a second medium that can be conveniently stored in any safe.

Based on this philosophy INCOM recommends the StorEasy® WORM Appliance. For performance reasons, the archive data, which is kept on mirrored hard disks for performance reasons, is mirrored once again on 2 Blu-ray media from different manufacturers. Even in the unlikely case that the media of one manufacturer should show premature read errors, the data is still securely available on the second medium.

As with the large petabyte optical-based archives, the data is written to the Blu-ray media in an ISO standard, so that the information can theoretically be made available on any Blu-ray drive - the user retains absolute dominance and, above all, control over his own data...