HIT HDL24 - the compact endless archive

The HIT HDL24 Library is a compact NAS archive with one drive and two magazines with 1.5 TB storage capacity each. However, the system can also be used as an offline archive without capacity restrictions - ideal for long-term archiving of data for small businesses, medical practices, but also lawyers or tax consultants.

HIT HDL 24 - Compact, optical long-term archive
HIT HDL 24 - Compact, optical long-term archive

In many areas, data must be stored for 10 years or more without having to be accessed as a rule, such as X-rays after treatment or measurement data in production processes that must be retained for quality assurance purposes or even just the invoices or delivery bills that are generated daily in the retail industry. Instead of storing this data on hard disk systems or in the cloud, where power consumption, air conditioning or the maintenance of hard disks eat up energy and money even when idle, durable and energy-efficient optical archives are more suitable than any other storage system.

Due to the nature of the 128 GB Blu-ray archive storage media currently used in the cartridges, all compliance requirements for durability and immutability of the data written to them are easily met. If no data is read or written, the HDL24 consumes only a few watts and generates negligible heat radiation even under full load, making it definitely one of the most energy-efficient systems for archiving data.

As a Linux-based NAS, integration into the network via a graphical user interface is very easy. The system provides a network share for sharing, where data from applications and applications for archiving can be stored. In the background, the system automatically writes the data to the optical media. The system can also be equipped with HSM functionality via additional software, so that drives or folders can be monitored and files can be swapped out to the archive media according to freely specified criteria. 

As an option, the system can be equipped with an intelligent offline management system, which can be used to create an infinitely large archive. A virtual file system also continues to display the data of the removed data media. If you want to access them, the system sends a notification to the administrator or user so that the corresponding cartridge can be inserted. In this way, a capacitively infinite archive can be created, which can often be used in research or for the storage of measurement data in production.

With manageable costs the HDL24 is the ideal, flexible and above all environmentally friendly archive solution for medical practices, small companies, lawyers or tax consultants.