Optical storage manufacturers establish Optical Archiving Group - OPARG

As leading manufacturers of optical storage systems and storage media, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (Verbatim), Pioneer Corporation and Victor Advanced Media (JVC) have joined forces in an interest group Optical Archiving Group - OPARG.

Optical Archiving Group - OPARG
Optical Archiving Group - OPARG

The aim is to emphasize the importance of optical storage systems in long-term data storage and archiving and to convince the market of the advantages of optical archiving. Other manufacturers such as Epson, Digital Streams, HIT/NETZON, PDO Europe, PoINT Software & Systems and Rimage support OPARG as well as the Bonn-based distributor INCOM Storage.

Data storage on optical media and systems fulfills an important requirement for legally compliant archiving due to its physical unchangeability. Long-term archiving on optical media offers an attractive alternative or supplement to storage in the cloud and on hard disk or tape systems, in addition to the long service life, the resulting comparatively low maintenance costs and the extremely low energy consumption as a long-term "data safe".

The IDC predicted a global data stock of 2.7 Zettabytes as early as mid-2012. Thereafter, storage requirements are currently expected to double every 5 years. "Here, every company should carefully check whether all data is really always needed online or in fast access to hard disks. Archiving on optical storage media already offers many advantages and is becoming increasingly important in view of the high data growth and rising energy costs," comments Dr. Jan Brustkern, managing director of INCOM Storage GmbH, who is one of the European contacts for OPARG.

Meet OPARG from March 5 to 9, 2013, at the INCOM-/VOI booth at CeBIT in hall 3, booth D34/1. INCOM GmbH will gladly provide you with a limited contingent of tickets via the website www.incom.de.