Replicate data to the cloud or to tape with PoINT Data Replicator

With Data Replicator PoINT reacts to the growing importance of object storage and the related question of data security. PoINT Data Replicator enables the replication of files from file systems to a cloud/object storage.

Increasing amounts of data are being stored in the cloud or on object storage devices. The resulting security risk is often underestimated. The data stored in the cloud or on on-premises object storage is often not backed up because it is assumed that this data is secure.

This assumption is careless and risky because the high availability and redundancy offered by cloud providers and object storage vendors do not protect against human error, ransomware, malware or technical failure. Therefore, data residing in the cloud and on object storage should also be secured via backup and replication. Ideally, this is done according to the 3-2-1 rule on another storage technology, in a different location and in the format in which the data is also stored in the cloud or on the object storage system.

The Data Replicator also enables storage on different S3 target systems, both on- and off-premises, via S3-to-S3 object replication. The source and target systems can be located on the same or physically separate public clouds or on-premises object stores. A database supports the process so that only newly added files and objects are replicated incrementally during new runs. All compliance and revision security requirements are met via extensive logging.

In addition, PoINT Data Replicator can also replicate data to an S3-capable tape system, such as Spectra Logic systems, via PoINT Archiver Gateway.  Via S3 API direct access to the data is possible at any time. In addition, the change of a cloud provider can be done without expensive restore from the cloud.