Rimage RX400 MedX the fast, simple and safe medical USB solution

The RX400 MedX is a compact, high-performance system with which studies can be copied onto a highly compatible USB medium at the touch of a finger. A unique label is printed in parallel, which is simply stuck on when the stick is finished - and the patient stick is ready.

Rimage RX400 MedX
Rimage RX400 MedX the fast, simple and safe medical USB solution

The fully integrated desktop tabletop unit with touch screen, 4 USB write and read slots in the front, as well as an integrated label printer. The system is controlled like a DICOM printer in the network. Patient sticks are produced as easily as patient CDs.

All orders can be selected from a clear list on the 10.1" touch display. If a patient wants to pick up the stick, simply select the name from the order list by touch and the system immediately starts copying the data to one of the 4 empty sticks. Thanks to the high USB speed, this only takes a few seconds. The stick is automatically write-protected so that it is protected against manipulation of the data and computer viruses have no chance. The integrated printer prints out the patient label as soon as the finished stick is unplugged, so there is no chance of confusion here either.

The RX400 MedX simplifies procedures in hospitals and clinics immensely, because the integrated touch screen displays all pending examinations of the connected DICOM sources sorted directly by patient, so that with a tap of the finger it is possible to select directly which data are to be saved on the USB stick. Here, the high-performance hardware writes the sticks with more than 500 MB in 30 seconds, so that waiting times are also minimised here.

The Rimage USB sticks, specially designed for the system, have special security features and are the only USB sticks that can be used in the RX400 MedX. Each stick is WORM (write once, read many) protected so that no tampering with the data can be done and therefore no malware can be introduced. Only within the RX400 MedX is it possible to remove the WORM protection, add new studies. Afterwards, the stick is automatically write-protected again.

With its small footprint of only 25 x 20 cm, the RX400 MedX can either be placed directly on the desk or mounted on any wall. With no moving or mechanical parts, the RX400 MedX is also extremely easy to service. Most parts are easily replaceable and accessible by opening the cover. With the easily accessible SSD containing the operating system and your and your local data, you can even request a replacement unit if necessary and simply insert the existing SSD into the new unit. In this case, your sensitive data never leaves your organisation.

The RX400 MedX API enables easy integration for DICOM SW providers. RX400 MedX is already fully integrated with several DICOM patient CD/USB solutions. If required, INCOM will be happy to support you with the integration.