Rimage introduces Maestro, the first USB production system

The Rimage Maestro is the world's first fully automated system for printing and recording on USB media. With industrial-grade robotics, Maestro meets the most demanding requirements for data distribution on USB media.

Rimage Maestro - USB Production System
Rimage Maestro - USB Production System

Already for the recording and printing of optical data media such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray, the name Rimage stands for high-quality production systems like no other manufacturer of this technology. With the USB production system Maestro, Rimage now also takes over the market leadership in the field of USB copiers and expands the functionality of pure copying to include serialisation and, above all, printing on the data media with a full-colour thermal transfer printer.

Whether 100 identical USB data carriers or USB sticks with individual content or printing are to be produced can be set manually via the sophisticated Rimage software suite or triggered from customer-specific applications via the software interfaces. The systems enable customised USB media to be produced for any application. The combination of automated robotics and a powerful software interface enables automated production that can be integrated into any workflow, saving time and money.

The modular design of the system allows the Maestro 2 to handle different case formats and up to four different capacity and speed versions of media simultaneously. With an input capacity of 100 cards and an output capacity of up to 200 cards as standard, Maestro systems offer great flexibility. The reliable Rimage robotics are designed to continuously output USBs for years.

Features Rimage Maestro

  • Operating system on SSD for fast start-up with 16 GB RAM
  • Two USB enclosure size options: Thumb Drive and Pocket Drive
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 data modules from 8 GB to 128 GB capacity
  • Four 25-case data module input trays
  • Four 25-case input magazines
  • 200-USB rotary output carousel
  • 360 degree visible status light
  • Multi-line LCD status display
  • Permanent and luminous colour printing with the Everest® EncoreCP™


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