Taiyo Yuden closes optical division - takeover rumors already in circulation

The media manufacturer of the first hour announced the closure of its production at the end of the year. Like Sony DADC, the discs last sold under the JVC brand were known for their extremely high quality and data security. Until the end of the year INCOM can handle all orders as usual, before the sale of the stocks of the JVC brand media takes place. The rumor mill already speculates, however, which of the large media manufacturers will take over the production lines and thus supplement its portfolio with high-quality optical discs.

JVC Advanced Media aka Taiyo Yuden
JVC Advanced Media aka Taiyo Yuden

Taiyo Yuden only acquired the JVC Advanced Media brand a few years ago in order to gain greater acceptance in the consumer sector with this brand. However, the company relied on a few core products such as CD and DVD and largely ignored the further development of the optical standard to Blu-ray. Although the Group tried to offer a Blu-ray with organic dye in the market, this met with little response due to the initially higher prices.

Still a high need for qualitatively high-quality CD, DVD and Blu ray media exists with many professional final customers. The discs are mainly used to archive data or, as in the medical sector, to distribute, i.e. spread. The key to the still high acceptance in the market is the unlimited compatibility of the data carriers with all optical drives.

INCOM offers a wide range of optical storage systems and data carriers. Optical data carriers are continuously tested and qualified for various production and storage systems. Even after the withdrawal of Taiyo/JVC there is still a wide range of data media available, which is far superior to the media available in retail stores in terms of quality and durability.