The demand for all-round security systems is constantly growing

Access control systems can already perform many tasks fully automatically, from simple face recognition, even with a mask, to time recording. With Covid-19, an important task is added, because Dahua systems measure body temperature with an accuracy of up to half a degree, recognize sick persons and can thus protect employees from infections.

Dahuas access control with temperature monitoring terminal
Dahuas access control with temperature monitoring terminal

The requirements for access control systems are as diverse as the areas in which they are used. But even simple face recognition becomes a difficult task when half of the faces are suddenly covered by masks. The recognition of stored faces is carried out "in passing" within a few seconds, and the face temperature is then also measured immediately. Thus, the system allows an indirect early detection of possible COVID-19 suspicious cases, even without the system knowing the persons or having to store data of persons in the system. If an increased temperature is detected in a person, the system sends out an acoustic and optionally a visual warning / alarm.

If the system is used as an access control system, the compatibility of the solution is of primary importance, because in addition to Dahua's own solutions, any relay circuit can be addressed and thus also door locks, barriers or sluices from other manufacturers can be controlled.  

Dahua continues to develop the systems and continuously adapts the performance to the growing demands of the various markets and developments. In addition to the entry-level systems, the large solutions measure body temperature with an accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees. The INCOM team will be pleased to develop the right solution for your needs together with you.