Video intercoms from Dahua - next generation, suitable for every application

Dahua, as the world's second largest camera manufacturer and smart IoT solutions, not only produces systems for video surveillance, but also develops and produces very attractive solutions for video intercom systems.

Dahua Video Intercom Systems and Kits
Dahua Video Intercom Systems and Kits

How practice-oriented Dahua's developers are in their thinking quickly becomes clear when you take a closer look at the technology of the systems. Although the components of the IP-supported systems can be networked with each other via RJ-45 LAN cables, installation is also possible with the existing bell wires.

This means that almost every house and flat that has a front doorbell can be retrofitted with a modern video intercom system from Dahua without extensive rewiring. The many different terminals and components further support this with a wide variety of designs (surface-mounted and flush-mounted) and sizes, which can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

With the installation of a Dahua next-generation 2-wire IP video intercom (available from mid-2021), what happens at the front door can be seamlessly integrated into a smarthome network or simply followed on the monitor. In case of absence, the doorbell with IP connection can also be forwarded to the smartphone. This way, no visitor is missed and everything at the home front door remains under control at all times. Installation with a 2-wire connection is very simple. However, connecting to a smarthome network requires basic IT knowledge, which we will be happy to teach you.

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