Data on Mitsubishi Chemical Media Archive Grade BD-R secure for over 200 years

According to the ADTC (Archive Disc Test Center - NPO Entity) study, Mitsubishi Chemical Enterprise Grade Blu-ray Discs offer over 200 years of data security on both the 50 GB and the 100 GB discs.

Mitsubishi Chemical Medias Metal Ablative Layer (MABL) technology
Mitsubishi Chemical Medias Metal Ablative Layer (MABL) technology

No other commercially available storage medium surpasses this durability, and even though hardly anyone can or will verify these figures, they far exceed all compliance requirements, which generally range between 10 and 30 years.

Archiving on optical storage media is also extremely energy-efficient, because once written to, the media does not consume any electricity or generate any heat that has to be cooled down again at great expense. From these aspects alone, really large optical archives in the petabyte range, for example in HIT NETZON® or Sony ODA libraries, can save millions in long-term energy costs.

In addition, the data stored on Blu-ray does not have to be constantly migrated according to the durability or compatibility of the media. Even the very first CDs are readable and recordable in all of today's commercially available drives, a feature that no other storage medium can offer.

Another positive side effect of the trueWORM technology is the actual unchangeability of the data, which is not affected by any malware. Archive data or secondary data are inexpensive in the long run on optical storage media and are also safely stored.

Die ausführlichen Test-Reports zu den Mitsubishi Datenträgern können hier eingesehen werden:
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