Epson focuses on Blu-ray for the new disc producers

With the update of the Discproducer PP-100II and PP-50 to PP-100III and PP-50II, Epson now uses Pioneer Blu-ray recorders in both system lines. The two Discproducers PP-100N and AP-100 will remain unaffected by updates for the time being.

Epson Discproducer III - Blu-ray ready
Epson Discproducer III - Blu-ray ready!

The Epson Discproducers are mainly used for the creation of patient CDs in the medical environment at radiologists and hospitals, but are also used for storing information in data-intensive areas such as film or research and offline archiving, for which the switch to Blu-ray is an important step.

Since DVD recorders have now been replaced by Blu-ray recorders by all manufacturers and the price differences between the two drive types are only marginal, the conversion to a uniform model for the entire USB product line is a logical step, because the recorders are compatible with CD and DVD media and thus now cover the entire range of optical storage media.

The new Discproducer Systems PP-100III and PP-50II are available immediately and replace the old models PP-50, PP-100II and PP-100BD with discontinued availability. For integrators who have not yet tested and integrated the new systems INCOM also ensures the availability of the old PP-100II systems beyond the next months.