Happy Backup Memorial Day

Most people only realise how important backups are once they have lost important data due to a technical defect, a virus has encrypted files or a careless employee has accidentally deleted information. For those who have been spared so far, World Backup Day is a reminder, because one way or another - the loss hurts.

World Backup Day on 31 March
Remember to back up your digital documents

Just under a month ago, one of the largest data centres in Europe burnt down near Strasbourg. Over 12,000 servers went offline and much of the data stored there was lost. Many cloud users shied away from the additional costs of a proper backup, because the data is safe. Presumably, the damages incurred can still not be quantified today.

Another fiasco occurred last year at the university hospital in Düsseldorf, which had to cut network connections and shut down servers at lightning speed after a malware attack. In vain. Surgeries had to be cancelled and it took almost two weeks before the computer centre was fully operational again.

One of the oldest rules of data security was developed by a photographer - the 3-2-1 rule *. What sounds simple is in fact so effective, because a virus can be stopped by the media break alone, for example by backing up the data from the primary storage (SSD or hard disk) to a tape, which all RAID or mirroring concepts do not easily achieve. If the backup is also hosted in another fire protection section, the security factor increases many times over.

Archiving on a trueWORM medium such as a Blu-ray can also put an end to viruses and malware, because the data preserved here cannot be changed. In addition, the media are easy to transport and can also be stored in the bank's safe if necessary.

As a provider of optical storage systems, INCOM has been supplying highly reliable storage systems for decades, which have proven their worth for nearline and offline protection.

* the 3-2-1 rule says: make 3 copies, use 2 different storage technologies and keep 1 offline copy in another location.