High Quality CDs and DVDs from Falcon Technologies (FTI)

Depending on the source, optical media are on the verge of extinction and often discredited for not being safe. In fact, quality stands and falls with the choice of the manufacturer. Although consolidation is taking place in the market, even in the music industry, physical media still account for about 60% of sales and the remaining manufacturers have an output of several 100,000 discs per day.

High quality storage media from Falcon Technologies

The difference is made by almost the entire production process, starting with the materials, through careful processing to the final inspection, which determines whether the manufactured medium meets the standards of an archive medium or not.

For many years INCOM cooperates with Falcon Technologies (FTI) from the Arab Emirates. In the CD and DVD sector, archive media with gold layer are produced here, for which FTI guarantees readability for over 100 years.

Also the processing of the media with robots makes some demands on the discs. They must be absolutely flat - the discs of many low-cost suppliers warp when the printing surface dries out - and the media must not stick to each other or be too thin so that the robotics do not pick up several discs at once and place them in the drive or the inkjet or thermal transfer printer. Falcon offers from the Smart-Guard media (Watershield), over various inkjet and thermal transfer, up to simple Shiny-surfaces almost everything your heart desires - and that for nearly all CD-R and DVD-R media.