INCOM presents the new Rimage Flash Publishing Systems

With Maestro and X5, Rimage announces a new range of automated and optimized flash media production solutions for automated copying and individual serialization of flash memory locally and over the network.

Rimage X5 Flash Copy Station
Rimage X5 Flash Copy Station

The Rimage X5 is a flexible, modular Flash publishing system in 19" design that can be fully integrated into workflows or used as a stand-alone system. It offers complete flexibility in media types and can be expanded as needed by adding more slots, with the system's focus not on mass but on secure, customized high-speed production.

The X5 System is designed for deep integration into customer workflows to produce media, labels and accompanying paper documents "on demand". The handling is very easy, because after manually loading the ports with flash media, the system automatically assigns the appropriate jobs to each port and starts the data transfer. All flash media formats are supported, such as USB, SD, CF, SSD EEPROM.

The software used (Open RC) can be used via WebClient or fully integrated into your workflows via API. The flash memory can be individualized, encrypted, provided with a WORM write protection and individually verified. By writing asynchronously to the target media, different jobs can be processed in parallel. In addition, a variety of label printers and barcode scanners are supported, which can be fully integrated into the workflows.

Due to the network-supported software, the systems can even be used in external locations, so that your source data remain in house and are transferred encrypted to the respective destinations, thus meeting the highest regulatory and industry standards.

The Maestro system, which will be released in autumn / winter, will be able to write and print on high quality media just like the Rimage production systems for optical media.