INCOM wins with WORM Appliance the Innovation Award IT in the category "Storage and Network" of the Initiative Mittelstand

INCOM prevailed with the StorEasy® WORM Appliance in the category "Storage and Network" and convinced the expert jury of the Innovationspreis-IT by the high utility value and innovation content of the solution for medium-sized businesses.

StorEasy® WORM Appliance wins IT innovation award in the category Storage/Network
StorEasy® WORM Appliance wins IT innovation award in the category Storage/Network

The StorEasy® WORM Appliance is aimed at all those who need to archive data securely and still have permanent access to it. The combination of mirrored hard disks and a double copy of the data on audit-proof Blu-ray media guarantees the highest possible data security, which is not achieved by any other manufacturer. 

The trueWORM properties of the Blu-ray media protect the data stored on them in a special way against manipulation by viruses and ransomeware and thus meet all compliance requirements. Whether as WORM Appliance Desktop with 1 to 10 TB or as WORM Appliance Enterprise with up to 30 TB, the solution can fulfill almost all archiving requirements in medium-sized companies. Through expansion modules with up to 110 TB, the storage specialized in secure and long-term data archiving is scalable and adapts to the requirements.

Customers include companies across all industries, from medical practices to insurance companies, who use the systems with applications such as document management or industry software via a fileshare in the network, even mirrored in different fire protection sections if desired.

 "With the INNOVATION AWARD-IT we have been creating a climate since 2004 in which innovation can flourish and innovative spirit is rewarded. This strengthens Germany's competitiveness and its image as a nation of inventors and researchers. We are proud of this," comments Rainer Kölmer, Managing Director of Huber Verlag.

"The cooperation between the companies INCOM Storage and StorEasy has been taking care of the special requirements of long-term data storage and archiving for two decades. With the StorEasy WORM appliance, our optical storage systems can be optimally managed and offer the highest security against all risks of data loss". Ralf Marhenke (Managing Director StorEasy GmbH) and Dr. Jan Brustkern (Managing Director INCOM Storage GmbH) comment on the award, which was accepted with pleasure.