Ritek produces antibacterial coated media

Optical media remains the storage medium most commonly used by medical institutions to record and transmit patient information. Ritek is therefore the first manufacturer in the world to offer antibacterial optical storage media to prevent the spread of pathogens through the transfer of data media.

Antibacterial coated media from Ritek
Antibacterial coated media from Ritek

Rarely has health and hygiene awareness been sharpened more than during the Corona crisis. Especially medical practices and hospitals naturally come into contact with many germs and can quickly become distributors, so that special attention should be paid to the storage media that patients take home with them or go directly to referrers.

Tests conducted according to the Japanese JIS Z2801 standard confirm that the antibacterial formula can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria on the disc. The waterproof printing surface, which absorbs ink when printed by an Epson Discproducer or Rimage system, but allows water to bead off, also inhibits the settling and reproduction of bacteria due to its water-repellent properties. Furthermore, the ingredients of the organic, antibacterial formula have passed the EU RoHS test and have been classified as safe for humans.

INCOM will gladly provide samples of the media and submit an offer for the Ritek WG antibacterial discs.