StorEasy WormAppliance archives data securely and long-term

Anyone who archives data wants to be sure that it is stored securely and in accordance with the specifications without having to constantly check whether the system and the data carriers are functioning properly and whether the data can be read without errors. With the StorEasy WormAppliance INCOM offers an archiving system which secures your data fourfold.

Archive data long-term and securely
Archive data long-term and securely

With a quadruple security system, the StorEasy WormAppliance archives the data on mirrored hard disks and also creates a trueWORM copy on Blu-ray media that is also mirrored. Both the hard disks and the Blu-ray media used are from different manufacturers, so that even in the case of manufacturer-related batch problems, the data is still stored securely. If one hard disk fails, the system can restore the data using the RAID restore function and in the unlikely event of both disks failing, the data is safely available on the Blu-ray media.

The Blu-ray archive media in the WormAppliance MediaKit offer an archive security of over 50 years and thus exceed all legal requirements. The media are described in a standardized ISO procedure and are therefore fully compatible with all read drives available on the market, so that even in the unlikely event of a complete failure, the data remains available at all times.

The used TrueWORM procedure offers an absolute protection against manipulation, because once written media can no longer be changed due to their physical condition. Even Ramsom or malware cannot change or damage the archive data and thus pray for additional protection for the archived business-critical invoice and financial data, for example.

The NAS solution is available as entry-level desktop or 19" enterprise systems and is delivered as an out-of-the-box solution ready for installation. With a few simple steps, the SorEasy WormAppliance is integrated into the network with the appropriate authorizations and can be used immediately. The system notifies fully automatically when Blu-ray media have to be exchanged as well as in case of occurring error situations.

In addition to DMS and ERP applications, the StorEasy WormAppliance is particularly popular in the medical environment, where, for example, X-rays in radiology have to be stored for up to 30 years or more. In addition, the WormAppliance systems in a wide range of sizes have also been used for many years by architects, engineering offices, lawyers, tax consultants and in many other areas.