INCOM services still older libraries from JVC and DISC

Since the foundation of INCOM more than 30 years ago the company has been engaged in the archiving of data, mainly on optical media in libraries. Besides the HIT Netzon or Sony libraries still available today, many jukeboxes from JVC and DISC (formerly NSM) are still in use.

Jukeboxes from JVC and DISC (formerly NSM)

The biggest advantages of archiving on optical media are on the one hand the longevity of the data carriers and on the other hand their compatibility, since they are written according to standardized procedures and can therefore be read in any available drive. Now, the system used is only changed or renewed if absolutely necessary, and so libraries from manufacturers that have not been manufactured and sold for years are still under service. 

"For all systems distributed by INCOM we have spare parts in stock, so that repairs can be guaranteed for many years beyond the "End of Service" discontinuation of the manufacturers", comments service manager Joachim Schmidt. "So we can still repair almost all systems from DISC, Plasmon and JVC and we even have spare parts for some systems from Pioneer and Grundig in stock.

Only with software there are limits, as too many different factors, such as operating systems, service packs or the firmware of the systems play a role, so that discontinued software products, such as from iXOS, Legato or Smart Storage, can ultimately only be replaced. However, PoINT Storage Manager, Qstar Achive Storage Manager or StorEasy Blu-Arc Datamanager offer sufficient possibilities to integrate the systems into current networks.